The Whole Gymnastics 
Competition in a Mobile App

Organise, participate in, judge and watch competitions without even leaving your gym.

Elevien makes gymnastics accessible to everyone. Anytime, anywhere, with just a smartphone and internet connection.

Elevien makes gymnastics accessible to everyone. Anytime, anywhere, with just a smartphone and internet connection.

We made Elevien with every gymnast, club, coach, judge, competition, federation and fan in mind. No matter if you are a member of a small local club or a national team – everyone can use it and benefit from it.

Made for

For Organisers

In a Few Minutes

Increase the number of competitions and reduce the time for the organisation from a few months to a few minutes.

Next Level of Documenting

In Elevien you can document existing competitions with video recordings and live scoring.

Possibility of
New Formats

Create new formats of competitions and invite participants directly from the application.

Spend Less,
Organise More

By digitalising competitions, you can effectively bring your organisational costs down to zero. 

Made for

For Judges

Automatically Calculated
Final Scores

Replace your pen and paper — get a digital database of all scores and the final scores automatically calculated.

Judge From
Desktop or Phone

Log in to your mobile app or switch to your tablet, PC or laptop for a larger view and judge more comfortably.

Score Live In the Gym
Or From Anywhere

Score live in the gym, or from the comfort of your home and at the same time ensure fair play by monitoring live scoring progress for each judge.

Made for

For Coaches

More Opportunities
For Gymnasts

Video-record training sessions and create new, online, remote competitions. Analyse videos of athletes’ performances to progress faster.

Direct Access
to Best Judges

Get impartial feedback for recordings of gymnasts’ routines from the top of the notch global judge jury with one tap of a button.

Connect With
the Whole World

With the Elevien video results book, track gymnasts’ progress over time and share it with anyone in the world, and make it easy for your supporters to follow your team anywhere.

Made for

For Gymnasts

Stay At the Top
of Your Game

Compete more often, learn and grow faster by watching and analyzing routines, and understand the scoring better.

Get Ready For

Prepare for big competitions by recording and tracking your practices in Elevien.

Share Your
Best Moments

Show everyone your progress by sharing your videos to friends and family directly from the app.

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