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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Elevien. Find out everything you need to know about our platform.

Who is Elevien for?

We made Elevien with every gymnast, coach, club, judge, competition, federation and fan in mind. No matter if you are a member of a small local club or a national team – everyone can use and benefit from Elevien.

Is Elevien free to use?

Yes, Elevien is currently completely free to download and use for all.

How can I download Elevien on my phone?

You can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play.

How do I log in to Elevien?

All you need to do is enter your phone number, no email address or password is needed.

Once you enter your phone number, you will get an SMS with your login code and that’s it.

How does Elevien handle Data Privacy?

The privacy of our users’ data is our utmost priority. We are well aware of the sensitive data we are handling, especially when children are involved. This is why it is important to emphasise that Elevien is fully GDPR compliant.

Currently, all competitions created in Elevien are Private by default. This means that only the people who are added to the competition with their phone numbers can access it, nobody else sees them, not even the Elevien team.

As an Owner of the competition (i.e. the person who creates the competition in the app) you need to add Judges and Admins with their phone numbers in order for them to access the competition. These are the people who would normally participate in the live competition in the gym.

Also, there’s a Share option which again – you as the competition Owner are in control of. You share the link with people you want to and they can then see the competition, videos and final scores with ranking once they log in to the app.

Only upon your request or agreement with the Elevien team, can we set your competition as Public in our system so that everyone who logs in to the app can see it.

Soon, the Owners will have the option to set the Public option themselves and decide if a wider audience worldwide can see their gymnasts perform.

Currently, we do not have the option to delete competitions, but this will also be available soon to Owners. Upon your request, we can delete your data, as per GDPR regulations.

Do I need any special equipment to organise the competition in Elevien?

No special equipment is required — just your smartphone and an internet connection.

What if my internet connection is slow?

If the wi-fi in the gym is slow, you can always switch to your mobile data internet (4G/5G), which should improve your upload speed.

Can I try out Elevien before organising a real competition?

Absolutely! You can play around in Elevien and create as many test competitions as you want, in fact, we encourage you to do so. All competitions created in the app are by default Private, which means only people added to them with their phone numbers can see them. Not even the Elevien team can see your competitions unless you add us as Admins.

Feel free to create some test competitions, try it out in the gym to get a better sense of the app and come up with ideas on how you could benefit from Elevien.

What kind of competitions can I create in Elevien?

We support every competition type and size — whether it is a training session with a few gymnasts from the same club or a complex competition with hundreds of competitors, multiple disciplines, categories and rotations. 

Here are the three main types of competitions that can be fully covered in Elevien. Each of them can be done independently or with assistance from the Elevien team:

  1. Offline competitions – traditional, existing format of meets and competitions. They can be fully covered in Elevien with video recordings and scores of each gymnast’s performance, as well as final results. Here is one great example of how it is done in Elevien.
  2. Hybrid competitions – a combination of in-person and remote participation. Some participants, mainly gymnasts and judges, are in the same physical location, while some judges are participating remotely, either from home or any other location.
  3. Online competitions – completely new, never seen before competition formats. All participants and the audience are engaging remotely, from their own locations. Whether a gymnast is participating from their gym or a remote location, they can compete on an online competition with other participants from anywhere in the world. The same applies to judges, coaches and audiences.
How do I create a competition in Elevien?
  1. Tap the “New competition” button on the home screen of the app. 
  2. Name your competition, and choose the discipline and apparatuses
  3. Add your Judge Jury with their phone numbers by tapping the “Add judge” button, and then add supervisors by tapping “Assign supervisor”. 
  4. Add the gymnasts that are participating by tapping the “Add gymnast” button, with or without their phone numbers. 
  5. Add your Admins through the “Manage option” > “Assign new admin” – they can help you organise and record the competition. 
  6. Start to record the gymnasts’ routines by simply tapping on the Record button in Elevien or by recording it with your phone camera and uploading videos from your phone gallery. 
  7. As soon as each video is uploaded, the Judge Jury can enter their scores and deductions, from their smartphones or PCs, laptops, or tablets. 
  8. In the Competition section, you get the scores and ranking automatically calculated
  9. Share the link to your competition with anyone who wants to watch by tapping the “Share” button at the top of the Competition section.
Do competitors need to be in the same location?

No, Elevien enables online competitions from different gyms at the same time with judges scoring the video recordings of routines fully remotely.

Who can record gymnasts’ exercises?

Usually Coaches record exercises performed by their gymnasts, but it can also be another participant or a volunteer.

The person who records videos has to be assigned in Elevien as the competition Admin or Owner and registered with a phone number. This person usually does not actively participate in the competition, but only has the task of recording.

How does the video upload work?

When you record the video of the gymnast’s routine directly through Elevien or by uploading it from your phone gallery, it automatically gets uploaded in Elevien in the background.

This means that you don’t need to wait for the video to finish uploading if you need to start recording a new video. Just continue recording other routines while the upload of the previous videos is happening in the background.

What if something goes wrong during the upload?

Don’t panic, we have got you covered. In case you lose internet connection or something else unexpected happens during the recording or upload, the video is automatically saved in your phone’s gallery and can be uploaded from there to Elevien.

Just tap on the gymnast’s name in the Competition tab, then tap the vertical ellipsis (⋮) and then Upload.

If you want to be extra cautious, you can always have someone else record on their phone for backup and afterwards upload it to Elevien the same way as described above in case your own recording or upload fails.

Do the competition and judging need to happen in real-time?

Judges and competitors do not have to be online at the same time. A judge can score the exercise remotely, at any time. Once all routines are scored, the final scores are automatically calculated and the rankings of gymnasts appear.

How are the scores calculated in Elevien?

Scores are calculated according to FIG rules.

D judges enter scores and Penalty deductions, i.e. Neutral Deductions.  E judges enter deductions which are calculated from 10.

For Vault you can enter one or two D and E scores/deductions, depending on the number of attempts. If the gymnasts perform only one Vault, you simply leave the other field empty when scoring. 

Final E score: if there are 4 or less E judges on an apparatus, their total average score is calculated as the Final E score.  For subsequent numbers of E judges, the final score is averaged from 3 middle scores for odd numbers of judges, and from 4 middle scores for even numbers of judges.  

How does Elevien ensure fairness in submitting videos and scoring?

Videos can be either recorded in the Elevien app or uploaded from your phone gallery.

For each video, there is a note under it saying when the video has been uploaded or recorded and by whom, thus enabling organisers to know precisely who performed which action and when it happened, if they are in a different location.

You can record only once for one competitor on one apparatus.

How to deal with different time zones?

There is no predefined time frame in the Elevien app in which a gymnast needs to be recorded or judged — the organisers of the competitions in agreement with the participants and judges decide on the start time of the competition. 

When the “Start time” is selected on the Competition setup screen, it will show each participant the start time in their own time zone. There is no limit to the duration of a competition, so don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the action if you happen to be on the other side of the world.

How to deactivate Elevien account?

Open Elevien mobile app. On home page, in the top right corner, access My profile. Choose the option “Delete account” and confirm the pop-up.

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