1st Elevien Online Challenge

Proud to announce the 1st Elevien Online Challenge – a first of its kind WAG competition!

We are building the best hi tech product for gymnastics the world has ever seen and this is the first official test of Online Competition concept – join us in shaping the future of gymnastics!

Elevien is bringing the sport to another level, enabling you to organise a gymnastic competition using only your phone and make extra money. But not just that, it enables you to compete from all parts of the world without any travel costs and spending your precious time. Judges can judge from home and have another revenue stream. Family, friends and gymnastics fans can spectate the whole thing.


We invite all the WAG seniors who are willing to be a part of the revolution in sports, try out their routines and get judged by an international judge panel to apply by filling out the form below. There is no entry fee, but there will be rewards for the first three ranked gymnasts. There will be a maximum of 15 gymnasts per apparatus, we will accept 5 more as reserves, on a first come, first served basis.

The competition is individual, on Balance Beam and Uneven Bars, and the judging is based on the FIG Code of Points.


–> Registrations open until Sep 12, 17h CET

–> Recording videos Sep 13th 00:00h CET to Sep 14th 23:59 CET

–> Judging on Sep 15th, between 8h CET and 17h CET

–> Final results published on Elevien Social Media channels

Be a part of the solution, help us create a revolution!

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