Author: Marija Franjul

Partnership with European Gymnastics Signed

It’s official – Elevien and European Gymnastics are bringing more Online Competitions to gymnastics fans throughout 2024!

Following the historic first 100% live online gymnastics competition held on December 2, 2023, under the name European Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Online Test Event, and the subsequent European Gymnastics Online Series held on Elevien platform in March and April this year, a partnership agreement has been signed for the entire 2024.

The collaboration will focus on organizing digital competitions through the Elevien application, including digital storage of results and recordings of gymnastics performances. During the recent European Artistic Gymnastics Championships, the President of the European Gymnastics Federation, Dr. Farid Gayibov, and CEO Lisa Worthmann signed a partnership agreement with Elevien’s CEO Tomislav Grubišić.

This collaboration aims to continue hosting regular online competitions and expand their scope.

Dr. Farid Gayibov explains: “We are proud to have signed this partnership and included the digital competition format in the European gymnastics calendar. In recent years, we have seen the importance of digital solutions grow. Offering this opportunity to our gymnasts, member federations, judges, and fans is a big step forward.”

Mr. Tomislav Grubišić, CEO of Elevien, expressed: “The European Gymnastics Online Series competitions have received over 50,000 views from more than 40,000 users. This is a clear indication that Elevien is truly elevating the world of gymnastics to a higher level by introducing a new competition format and allowing gymnasts to showcase their skills in an exciting online world. We believe that the European Gymnastics Federation is a pioneer in this field and hope that other gymnastics competition organizers will follow suit to have more gymnasts compete online in Elevien.”

What does an online gymnastics competition actually look like?

The concept of a digital sports competition is initially hard to imagine for athletes and fans of any sport. However, an online gymnastics competition is actually much simpler and cheaper than an indoor one. Gymnasts record their performances with their phones from their training facilities. Their videos are automatically uploaded to Elevien, and an international panel of judges evaluates them using the judging feature in the Elevien app. Family, friends, and fans from around the world can follow all performances and the judging process live through the Elevien app, and the results arrive almost instantly – Elevien automatically calculates the final scores and displays the rankings.

This year, Elevien has also started a collaboration with the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation). Gymnastics fans worldwide can access videos and results of each qualification exercise of this year’s World Cups only in Elevien. The next two World Challenge Cups in Varna and Koper will be available to watch on demand after the Finals, and the results will be published live.

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