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Control Training Season Is On: Here’s How to Maximise Them With Elevien

In our many contacts with National Federation members from all over the world, the Elevien team has learned that all of them have similar challenges when preparing for World Cup events. One of them is the complexity and costliness of Control Training sessions and similar qualification events, which are mandatory for every gymnast that aims to compete in the World Cup events.

Complex and costly logistics

Although it’s nice to gather with colleagues and peers every so often, travelling 3 or more times a month to do one short competition can be tiring and time-consuming.

The judge jury consists of people who know the gymnasts well and are often members of the same club.

If you’ve ever tried organising Control Training sessions remotely by sending videos via WhatsApp, you know how hard it can be for the Organiser to collect all the scores, copy them into an Excel file and do the calculations manually in order to publish the final scores and let gymnasts know if they qualified or not. It can get very complicated and the waiting time for official results is long.

Each control practice requires a certain amount of funding from the Federation to cover the participants’ travel expenses (sometimes even accommodation costs). Wouldn’t it be better if you could spend those funds on more productive uses?

How Elevien maximises Control Trainings

As a unique platform for gymnastics which improves the organisation and management of competitions on any scale, as never seen before, Elevien offers a complete solution that solves all of these challenges regarding the qualification events. Here are the main benefits of utilising Elevien for Control Training sessions.

1. More efficient allocation of the Federation’s funds

Optimize the budget of your Federation and Clubs by reducing travel costs for having all the gymnasts and judges in the same gym. This will allow for a more strategic allocation of funds towards costs that truly matter. 

2. Remote and unbiased judging 

In the Elevien app, you can easily add international judges who do not know the gymnasts as well as your national judges, therefore giving you a more objective and unbiased score. All you need to have is their phone number. When they login into the app on their phone, they will see their judging assignments.

3. No room for mistakes: automatically calculated final scores 

Once all the judges have entered their scores, you will automatically get the final score along with the ranking of the gymnasts – no need for Excel sheets and manual work, Elevien does that for you in accordance with FIG rules.

4. No need to spend more time travelling than practising

Every gymnast can compete from their home gym, their coaches record their exercise directly in Elevien with their smartphones and the video is immediately available to all judges for scoring.

All of these benefits are not just a pitch, we already have many satisfied users who have recognised the practicality and usefulness of Elevien for this particular case. One of them is the Portuguese National Federation whose Technical Director organised their Controls and covered them in Elevien for both Seniors and Juniors:

“The Portuguese Gymnastics Federation used Elevien for the Control with MAG and it was very useful to us. Judging and watching gymnasts’ performances with the app is very easy. We had some judges judging from home which was really useful since they didn’t have to travel. Also, Elevien gives us the opportunity to rewatch the competition and analyse performances together with coaches and gymnasts.”

André Nogueira, Technical Director, Portuguese National Federation

How to set up your next Control in Elevien?

We pride ourselves in having an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use platform, so here are all the instructions in one single image. No additional onboarding is necessary, but if you would still like some support, our team is eager to help with the setup and answer all your questions. Just email us at [email protected].

How to create Control training in Elevien

Easily share gymnasts’ performances with anyone

If your gymnasts wish to show the videos of their performances in Elevien to their families, friends, club members, or anyone interested, you can easily share the link to the Control Training directly from the app via WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, email or any of your preferred communication channels. You can post the link to your Social Media or Federation website and thus allow more people to watch your team’s success.

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Why Elevien Is a Game-Changer for National Gymnastics Federations

As we strive to keep enhancing our platform and bring it closer to everyone in the gymnastics world, our team is on a mission to meet as many gymnasts, coaches, clubs, organisers, judges and federations as possible. On that mission, Elevien CEO Tomislav Grubišić and Customer Success Manager Marija Franjul recently visited the Slovak National Gymnastics Federation (Slovenská Gymnastická Federácia) and introduced our application to their members at a meeting in Banská Bystrica. 

Revolution of gymnastics as never seen before

The team was excited to share why Elevien is a game-changer for National Gymnastics Federations and demonstrate how easily the application can be used on a national level. It was met with great interest and excitement, as it showcased a complete revolution in gymnastics: organisation and management of online, offline and hybrid gymnastics competitions on a national scale, as never seen before. This greatly expands the reach and accessibility of gymnastics competitions, allowing more people to participate and engage with the sport. 

The Slovakian members of the Federation were also excited to see how the Elevien application allows easy management of scoring, results, and rankings, and streamlines the organisation and administration of competitions. Here’re a few more takeouts from the meeting that we also wanted to share with our readers.

Elevien and Slovak National Gymnastics Federation

These 3 types of competitions are the future of sports

There are three types of competitions that are the future of gymnastics, and they can be fully covered in Elevien.

1. Offline competitions

Traditional, existing format is brought to the online world and easily accessible to a wider audience. The best example of how it is done is explained in this blog about the great success of Elevien at the international tournament in Novi Sad, Serbia in December 2022. The number of spectators who watched the competition in the Elevien app from all over the world was 10 times more than the number of live audience there had ever been in the gym

Elevien enhances traditional competitions by streamlining the process of organisation, providing judges with an easy-to-use tool, helping discover new gymnastics talents, providing financial benefits to all key user groups, and enhancing the global appeal of the sport.

If you want to organise this type of competition on Elevien, our team will be more than happy to take over the logistical part of recording it and entering all the scores. This way the Organiser doesn’t have to do anything in addition to their regular activities — our team handles everything in Elevien so you can just go about your duties as usual and reap the benefits of having your competition in a digital format. Here is an overview of the steps to achieve this:

Elevien instructions for organisers

2. Hybrid competitions

This type is a combination of in-person and remote participation. Some participants, mainly gymnasts and judges, are in the same physical location, while some judges are participating remotely, either from home or any other location. This allows a wider range of participants and flexibility in organizing competitions. 

The best use-case is Control Training sessions that every gymnast does when preparing for official competitions. The ability to record and rewatch their performances in Elevien, thereby learn from their mistakes, helps them improve faster and reach their full potential.

3. Online competitions

A completely new competition formats, where all participants and the audience are engaging remotely, from their own locations. This means that whether a gymnast is competing from their home gym or a remote location, they are able to participate in an online competition anywhere in the world. The same applies to judges, coaches and audiences.

Furthermore, online competitions can be held simultaneously between multiple clubs or federations, making it possible for gymnasts from anywhere in the world to compete against each other in real-time, and for audiences to watch the competition live from different locations.

Numerous benefits for the community and the sport development 

Elevien is designed to benefit National Gymnastics Federations and their members, as it is an ideal solution for federations looking to improve the organization and management of competitions and increase the reach of the sport. Here are some of the most important advantages of this innovation:

  • Equal opportunities for all. By enabling gymnasts to compete remotely, it is fully accessible and affordable for them to participate in competitions, regardless of age, abilities, financial situation, location or other criteria.
  • Cost and time efficiency. The app-based scoring and video-recording system saves time and cost for organisers and can also provide a more efficient way to score and record gymnastic competitions.
  • Increased coverage, audience and reach, as well as seamless accessibility and engagement for audience members, friends and family, who can now watch and track results in real-time or after the competition, from any location.
  • Additional opportunities for gymnasts to improve their skills and advance their careers, as coaches can now easily review their trainee’s performances and provide them with more effective feedback.
  • Increased fairness in scoring, as the video-recording and scoring of each gymnast’s performance through the app provides a transparent, clear and accurate record.

It’s no surprise that many are interested in exploring this innovative solution for gymnastics competitions. If you would also like to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Email us at [email protected] — our team will happily organise a meeting and get you on board.

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How Elevien Can Popularise Gymnastics by Increasing Audiences 100 Times

Elevien opened up space for solving one of the fundamental problems in gymnastics (and sports in general).

Gymnastics, like many other “small” sports, faces the issue of lack of money. This is a result of the fact that too few people follow and watch the competitions, which leaves no room for sponsors and monetisation of the competitions as such. And visibility is crucial for sponsors.

Visibility = money = better conditions = development of the sport.

The average competition looks like this: around 150-300 gymnasts of various age groups travel to another city or country for a competition, most often with their coaches and some of the parents. The competition often lasts several days and in the vast majority of cases, the spectators are actually the same group of athletes and coaches who came to participate, with a few enthusiasts who come watch the competition for a day. 

At the same time, there are thousands of people who would give anything to be able to watch the competition – parents, club co-members and followers from gymnasts’ cities and countries.

Is this possible to achieve today?

At the moment, the only way to watch a competition remotely is to sometimes follow live results on a link, which is often inaccessible and in most cases non-existent. In some cases, there are real-time streams from the gym that last the whole day, where no one knows at what time anyone will perform, where to see the results, etc. The statistics of the views of such videos best prove that they are unsuccessful attempts to broadcast the competition.

What should the competition look like?

Each competition should be accessible to everyone on their mobile phone, wherever you are. When a competition is held, you want to be able to see every video of every routine of each competitor with one simple tap on the mobile phone, receive notifications about the results and have scores alongside the videos.

Think of it as Instagram, where videos, scores and positions on the result lists appear as soon as they happen. Imagine being able to watch the routines of only those gymnasts you follow, or only of the best in the category. Imagine that you could have that for every competition, from club to national to intercontinental and to the biggest ones in the world.

Let’s just remember how impossible it was to watch the World Gymnastics Championships 2022 in Liverpool recently. Even the gymnastics community didn’t have a chance, let alone everyone else, except some lucky ones that got partial TV rights.

In December 2022 at the international competition in Novi Sad, a revolution in watching the competition via mobile phone took place.

At the memorial tournament “Laza Krstic i Marica Dzelatovic”, almost 300 competitors from 17 countries were also the spectators in the gym, alongside their coaches and some parents.

At the same time, it was possible to watch the competition via the Elevien platform (mobile application), which enabled parents and relatives, as well as fellow athletes from participating countries, and everyone else in the world to watch the competition in a better way than ever before.

Gymnastic performances available to watch at any time, from anywhere in the world.

The number of spectators who watched the competition in Elevien app from all over the world, including the countries where the athletes are from, was 10 times more than the number of live audience there had ever been in the gym.

The possibility of watching any time, watching only certain gymnasts, and seeing live scores along with video recordings of their performances, generated over 2 views of the competition per viewer (which is more than the length of one football match).

In order to make this possible, the organiser connected the existing judging processes and the existing scoring system with Elevien.

They needed nothing more than a mobile application which enables anyone to organise, record competitions, publish videos, judge, and monitor live scoring.

This is how Elevien can popularise gymnastics.

Elevien has the vision to provide every competition organiser with the possibility of broadcasting the competition to every parent, club, and fan of gymnastics and increase the audience of the competition by hundreds of times.

Whether it is a training competition between 5 gymnasts or a complex competition with hundreds of competitors, multiple disciplines, categories and rotations –  Elevien can support every competition type and size.

Elevien also enables online competitions from several gyms at the same time with judges scoring the video recordings of routines remotely.

Here’s a simple example: gymnasts are in 5 different gyms, some judges are there judging live from the gym, and some at home, in different countries. That whole competition can be organised easily in the Elevien application, which has already been tested and proven multiple times by different world-class coaches and judges.

Elevien is currently free to download and use.

If you are an organiser of a competition of any size, contact us and we will show you how you can have your competition supported in this format without having to change your existing way of organising the competition.

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