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Breaking news: Elevien records Cairo World Cup Qualification videos

The importance of FIG World Cups

Artistic gymnastics fans have been looking out for the FIG World Cup Series for weeks, if not months, and for good reason: the Series will determine a few more MAG and WAG gymnasts who will compete in the Paris Olympics in July 2024.

Since many spots have already been claimed in previous Olympic qualifying events, the World Cup Series marks one of the last chances to secure a performance on the biggest stage in sports. And with some already qualified gymnasts coming to compete, this gymnastics competition is a treat even without the Olympic factor.

However, while every gymnast, fan, coach, and judge has booked their spot in front of the TV to watch the Finals weeks in advance, there is one part of the Apparatus World Cup Series that only the live audience can witness at the competition venue: the Qualification round.

Qualification phase: The hidden side of big gymnastics competitions

The qualification phase is often overshadowed by the excitement of the World Cup Finals, partly because the Final phase gets extensive TV coverage. And sure, the Finals are probably more fun for most of the audience, especially when they’re Olympic qualifying events.

Qualification round scores and rankings are publicly available, but what the audience tends to miss is the context. Why did their favorite gymnast not qualify for the Finals? Was it a fall or a missed connection? Where did that neutral deduction come from? This crucial information, the kind that determines who we get to watch in the final round, is only available to the in-person audience.

Gymnasts who qualify often get a better score in the qualification round than in their final performance. Everybody knows nerves have a lot to do with it — but only those at the venue know where in the routine the nerves kicked in and how exactly it impacted the gymnast’s final score.

A person scrolling through the competition feed in the Elevien app.

How Elevien brings World Cup Qualifications to phone screens

This year’s World Cup marks a historical moment for audiences worldwide: the Cairo qualification round will be available as a Video and Result Book in the Elevien app. Gymnastics enthusiasts will watch MAG and WAG gymnasts compete for a spot in the Finals whenever they want, with the routine recordings stored forever in Elevien.

Unlike traditional TV broadcasts of gymnastics competitions, Elevien’s approach allows spectators to delve deeper into gymnastics. Each routine video is recorded separately, D and E scores are entered using the Elevien scoring system, and the spectator sees the automatically calculated final score, complete with a breakdown into D and E scores.

This viewing experience brings gymnastics to the audience in a more accessible way than ever. The average gymnastics fan can watch, rewatch, and share just the routines they want to at their own pace, without scrolling through a 4-hour gymnastics competition stream. By doing all this from their phone, they relive every key moment as many times as they want, for free — and without fighting for the TV remote.


Elevien’s Video and Result Book feature redefines how gymnastics fans engage with the sport, offering free and convenient access. Experience the entire Cairo World Cup from home for the first time in history: follow the qualification phase right from the palm of your hand.

Control Training Season Is On: Here’s How to Maximise Them With Elevien

In our many contacts with National Federation members from all over the world, the Elevien team has learned that all of them have similar challenges when preparing for World Cup events. One of them is the complexity and costliness of Control Training sessions and similar qualification events, which are mandatory for every gymnast that aims to compete in the World Cup events.

Complex and costly logistics

Although it’s nice to gather with colleagues and peers every so often, travelling 3 or more times a month to do one short competition can be tiring and time-consuming.

The judge jury consists of people who know the gymnasts well and are often members of the same club.

If you’ve ever tried organising Control Training sessions remotely by sending videos via WhatsApp, you know how hard it can be for the Organiser to collect all the scores, copy them into an Excel file and do the calculations manually in order to publish the final scores and let gymnasts know if they qualified or not. It can get very complicated and the waiting time for official results is long.

Each control practice requires a certain amount of funding from the Federation to cover the participants’ travel expenses (sometimes even accommodation costs). Wouldn’t it be better if you could spend those funds on more productive uses?

How Elevien maximises Control Trainings

As a unique platform for gymnastics which improves the organisation and management of competitions on any scale, as never seen before, Elevien offers a complete solution that solves all of these challenges regarding the qualification events. Here are the main benefits of utilising Elevien for Control Training sessions.

1. More efficient allocation of the Federation’s funds

Optimize the budget of your Federation and Clubs by reducing travel costs for having all the gymnasts and judges in the same gym. This will allow for a more strategic allocation of funds towards costs that truly matter. 

2. Remote and unbiased judging 

In the Elevien app, you can easily add international judges who do not know the gymnasts as well as your national judges, therefore giving you a more objective and unbiased score. All you need to have is their phone number. When they login into the app on their phone, they will see their judging assignments.

3. No room for mistakes: automatically calculated final scores 

Once all the judges have entered their scores, you will automatically get the final score along with the ranking of the gymnasts – no need for Excel sheets and manual work, Elevien does that for you in accordance with FIG rules.

4. No need to spend more time travelling than practising

Every gymnast can compete from their home gym, their coaches record their exercise directly in Elevien with their smartphones and the video is immediately available to all judges for scoring.

All of these benefits are not just a pitch, we already have many satisfied users who have recognised the practicality and usefulness of Elevien for this particular case. One of them is the Portuguese National Federation whose Technical Director organised their Controls and covered them in Elevien for both Seniors and Juniors:

“The Portuguese Gymnastics Federation used Elevien for the Control with MAG and it was very useful to us. Judging and watching gymnasts’ performances with the app is very easy. We had some judges judging from home which was really useful since they didn’t have to travel. Also, Elevien gives us the opportunity to rewatch the competition and analyse performances together with coaches and gymnasts.”

André Nogueira, Technical Director, Portuguese National Federation

How to set up your next Control in Elevien?

We pride ourselves in having an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use platform, so here are all the instructions in one single image. No additional onboarding is necessary, but if you would still like some support, our team is eager to help with the setup and answer all your questions. Just email us at [email protected].

How to create Control training in Elevien

Easily share gymnasts’ performances with anyone

If your gymnasts wish to show the videos of their performances in Elevien to their families, friends, club members, or anyone interested, you can easily share the link to the Control Training directly from the app via WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, email or any of your preferred communication channels. You can post the link to your Social Media or Federation website and thus allow more people to watch your team’s success.

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